6 Surefire Ways to Stick With Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution

| by Christine moghadam

6 Surefire Ways to Stick With Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution

January 1st is right around the corner. And chances are you have a goal or resolution you’ve committed to accomplishing this next year. If you listen to the naysayers, they’ll say you will have given up by mid-February. And that’s the last thing a hopeful new year’s resolutioner needs to hear.

So, we’re here to tell you that we believe you can accomplish that goal and we’re going to show you how. Below we’ve compiled six surefire ways to help you stick with your 2020 new year’s resolution.

New Years Resolution Goals

1. Dream big but start small

Big goals are compelling. They help you get out of bed in the morning. But they can become daunting hurdles when you don’t break them down into smaller steps.  

So, if you want to start eating healthier, maybe you should focus on exchanging your dessert with a bowl of fresh fruit instead of punishing yourself with a radical diet. Or maybe your goal is to become more advanced in your yoga. Then focus on going deeper in your current practice and incorporate a move you haven’t tried before.

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2. Learn from the past

Rather than seeing mistakes as failures, consider them steps to your goal. Realize that there will be mistakes along the way. But when you fail to make a change, take a moment to identify what did and didn't work. You might find that you need to revisit step 1 and break your goal into smaller steps.

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3. Focus on one thing at a time

Focussing on too much change at once is a surefire way to become frustrated and burnout. Instead, change one behavior at a time. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with changing multiple things all at once, commit to changing one thing at a time. Once you feel you’ve accomplished it, then you can move on to the next goal.

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4. Share it

Sometimes we avoid sharing our goals and resolutions for fear we’ll be judged if we don’t succeed. But we encourage you to talk about it with your family and friends. Consider them your support to help stay on task and motivate you to achieve your goal. Being a part of a support group will make the journey more enjoyable and less intimidating.

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5. Go easy on yourself

Don’t beat yourself up if you miss your mark. Aiming for perfection will be the enemy of your progress. Even small progress is still progress. But when you do slip, don’t allow yourself to quit.  

Progress will be marked with mistakes and may slow down at times. Remain focused on the goal during these times. If your momentum falters, lean on your support and resolve to get back on track.

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6. Be grateful for your progress

Remember: perfection is not the goal. Focus on being more consistent with your yoga, rather than never missing a day. Setting realistic goals allows you to be successful. Any amount of progress is better than none at all.  

Consider the previous example: if you’ve been consistently doing five yoga sessions each week, but then have a busy week and are only able to go three times – that’s still progress! At that moment, forget about being perfect, and allow yourself to celebrate your progress.


If you’re ready to achieve your new year’s resolution, then start by putting small steps in place to help you reach it. Then be willing to learn from your past while focussing on just one thing at a time. With your support system in place, you’re sure to accomplish the goal you’ve laid out for next year.


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