6 Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

| by Christine moghadam

6 Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas morning and holiday gift exchanges are full of wonderful surprises. But the mountains of wrapping paper, tissue, and ribbon left behind are enough to make you sick.

Rather than ending up with a forest worth of wrapping paper in your trash, let’s consider a few sustainable ways to wrap your gifts this season.

1. Recycle Your Wrapping

Depending upon the nature of the wrapping, you may be able to reuse it. Bows, ribbons, and bags can easily be used more than once. And if you’re careful, paper and tissue can sometimes be reused as well.


2. Creative Wrapping Materials

Whoever said a gift has to be wrapped in wrapping paper? There are plenty of other materials you can use to wrap your gifts this season.


A newspaper can make fun gift wrap, especially if you consider the information on the page specifically for the person you’re giving the gift to.

Sheet Music

If you’re a musician, then you probably have some sheet music lying around your home. Put a personal touch on your gift wrapping this season and use it to wrap your presents.


Pages of Old Books

Pages of old books make great tissue paper or can be used as wrapping smaller gifts.


Other Paper Products to Use

In addition to the previous three options, there are plenty of other types of paper products that make great wrapping paper:

    • - Paper shopping bags
    • - Magazine pages
    • - A child’s artwork (especially great for family)
    • - Plain white paper you’d otherwise recycle


3. Reusable Wrapping Bags

Want a quick and sustainable way to wrap your gifts this season? Consider buying a few reusable wrapping bags. A reusable gift bag can be used over and over again.

4. Use a Tote You Already Own

Most of us have accumulated a few canvas totes that are left stuffed away in the back of the closet. They may not be as sustainable as we once thought, but in this case, you can both recycle and reuse them when they become something to wrap a gift.

5. Scarves

A scarf is a fun way to wrap a gift because it becomes two gifts in one! You can use one you already have, or buy one you know they’ll love.


6. Old Fabric

If you can find some old, unused fabric in the house, wrap it around a gift, and tie it together with lace or satin for a beautiful wrapping sure to amaze everyone.


According to Stanford University, if we wrapped three presents in reused materials, the saved paper would cover 45,000 football fields. So, this holiday season, let’s have less of an impact on the environment and our wallets by using these six sustainable gift wrapping ideas.


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