Corc Yoga Ambassador Em Shanell

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Corc Yoga Ambassador Em Shanell

“Through the ebbs and flows that we all know so well on our mat, we can find acceptance and presence for each step of the journey,” says Em Shanell. Em is a Connection Coach and one of our beloved Corc Yoga Ambassadors from Salt Lake City, Utah.

As a connection coach, she helps people reconnect with a part of themself that has been stifled, numbed, invalidated, or forgotten. “I provide a set of emotional-based tools that allows the space for clients to create a safe environment internally and externally to come home to themselves. As women, we are so often disconnected from our bodies and the lower three energy centers due to trauma, shame, etc.”  

Em works with clients to help them live an embodied life through what she explains as “going into our shadows, riding ourselves and bodies of shame, and learning to love and accept all parts of ourselves.” As a result, her clients learn to engage and connect with every part of their lives and step into their power.

She is dedicated to aligning body, mind, and spirit, to help others live their best life. Through physical movement and practices that embrace, embody, and process emotions, Em helps others create a strong mind and live a life they love. “Yoga is an incredible tool and practice along with the work I do to come home to yourself, your body, and your heart in each moment.”

When do you normally practice yoga?

Em Shanell Practicing Yoga in the Morning

I practice yoga every morning. After my morning routine I jump into a yoga class. Starting my day off with discipline of both my mind and body allows me to honor the time I have in my day and the way I want to show up. My days are often busy and my mat is the place where I know I can be 100% present. I love yoga so much! 


What led you to yoga?

The desire to live my life embodied. I have always loved the feeling of stretching. Before I ever stepped onto a mat or into a yoga class I would stretch.  

I first fell in love with yoga when I understood it was a way that would support me in listening to my body. Yoga allows the space in my life and in my body to follow my inner guidance system and helps me understand what my soul and body are needing every morning.  

What’s a quote that has impacted your life?

Em Shanell at the Grand Canyon

"We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe, atomically.”

- Neil deGrasse Tyson 

It's why I’m a connection coach. To feel connected to your body, your soul, and to others is my biggest purpose and passion in this life. 

What is the biggest personal benefit of practicing yoga?

Em Shanell Practicing Yoga Outside With Cork Tree and Corc Yoga Mat

I have learned to listen to my body and see where I am. Some days I will struggle with the simplest pose, and some days I will be able to do something I have never done before. For me, it's about finding acceptance for where I am in each moment, in each breath, and in each pose. Yoga allows me to tap in, to drop in, and to come home to myself.  

What book have you most often recommend to others? 

"The Journey of Awakening" by Ram Dass. It’s a simple read but full of wisdom. Tips and tricks of meditation and a way to see yourself in a new light. 

What is the most meaningful item in your home? 

My Alter space. It represents peace and a safe space where I can connect with myself every morning. 

What do you do after you practice yoga for the day?

I break my fast and eat something! Such a good way to reward myself and my body for putting in the work!

Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador?

Are you interested in joining us on this journey towards sustainable living for the mind, body, and soul? Click here to learn about the Corc Yoga Ambassador program. And if you want to read about the rest of our Ambassadors, click here.

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