Corc Yoga Ambassador Emma Newlyn

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Corc Yoga Ambassador Emma Newlyn

For many of us, we realize the benefits of yoga and meditation later on in life. But for Emma, her practice has been a vital component of her life from an early age. She began practicing meditation as a child and was introduced to yoga while going through a difficult experience as a teenager.

From the heights of Nepal, across the globe to Spain, and back home in Sussex, her practice has remained an essential part of her life.

Emma is a yoga teacher, therapist, and writer based in Sussex, England. She is passionate about helping others discover the benefits of yoga and understand the true definition of wellbeing. She specializes in teaching Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda on teacher training and retreats, working 1-to-1 with people who want to explore holistic health methods and making ancient wisdom accessible to the modern world.

Take a moment to get to know Emma and discover the benefits yoga provides for young and old alike.

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What led you to yoga?

I’ve practiced meditation from a young age, influenced by my parents who are dedicated meditation practitioners and have always been interested in self-development. My mum introduced me to the physical yoga practice when I was going through a difficult time as a teenager, and it had a huge impact on my life and wellbeing.

What’s your favorite pose?

Malasana, or the ‘Yogi Squat’. Being able to squat fully is such an important part of maintaining a healthy body, and it’s something I really feel can help improve back pain, as well as reconnect us to our more primal human ways of moving.

What’s your favorite place to practice yoga?

My absolute favorite place to practice is Suryalila Retreat Centre in Andalucia, Spain. I did my first teacher training course here and have since co-lead multiple retreats there too. It’s such a peaceful, special place in the middle of the countryside, with amazing food and organic wine!


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What’s been the biggest personal benefit yoga has provided?

Practicing physical yoga has given me a healthier and more respectful relationship with my body, and meditation helps me re-set my perspective on life.

Where is your favorite place to travel in the world?

A couple of years ago I and my partner traveled to Nepal, and it really felt like such a special place. We flew past Everest, visited temples and local street food vendors, climbed up to a huge Buddhist shrine, traveled across the country by coach and woke up right next to the mountains. The energy was wonderful and all the locals were so kind, I hope to return one day.

What do you do after you’ve done your yoga for the day?

My days are usually full of teaching yoga, writing wellbeing articles, and working as a holistic therapist too. I also love cooking and spending time in the forest next to our home.


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What book have you most often recommended to others?

I’ve recommended so many! But the most recent one I’d definitely recommend is Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl – it’s an incredible and really moving book about finding your meaning and purpose in life.

Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador?

Are you interested in joining us on this journey towards sustainable living for the mind, body, and soul? Click here to learn about the Corc Yoga Ambassador program. And if you want to read about the rest of our Ambassadors, click here.


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