Top 5 Reasons to Visit Evora

| by Christine Moghadam

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Evora

The idea for Corc Yoga resulted from a life-changing trip to Évora, Portugal. While walking through a cork forest, Christine Moghadam, the founder of Corc Yoga, was inspired by the country’s natural treasure. As a result, she was motivated to create a purpose-driven product that supports people and the planet.

We want to invite you to Corc Yoga’s first annual retreat: The Renewal - A Cultivation of Community, Wellness, & Yoga, Dedicated to the Beauty of Cork. The retreat is June 27 – July 3, 2021, and will be held at Tivoli Évora Ecoresort

Click here to join us on another life-changing trip to Évora as we celebrate self-care, community, and sustainability.

During the retreat, you’ll be able to walk the narrow streets lined with the white houses of Évora and behold its rich heritage. You will quickly understand why this beautiful city was established as the royal residence of the country’s 15th-century kings. 

There’s no doubt you will want to experience the rest of the city during the retreat. To help you plan your tour during your free time, we’ve compiled the top 5 reasons you should visit Évora.

Architecture in Evora Portugal

1.The architecture

The well-maintained architecture of Évora is breathtaking. The city provides unique details in every direction. From the cobbled streets to the whitewashed walls, from the old town center to the hand-painted tiles, the beauty is something to behold.

Evora’s 17th century Capela dos Ossos

2.The history

Whether you’re a history fan or not, you will appreciate Evora’s monuments, museums, and churches.

Evora’s 17th century Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) is one of the city’s most visited destinations for tourists. The interior walls are decorated with the bones and skulls of monks, stacked on top of each other. 

Another notable site to visit is the Sé cathedral. This gothic cathedral sits on the highest part of the city and provides an amazing view of the city. 

3.The food

During the retreat, you’ll stay at Tivoli Évora Ecoresort, home to one of the most exquisite restaurants in Évora. It serves authentic cuisine made with carefully selected local and seasonal produce.

And when you venture outside the resort, you can experience the most delectable produce from the Alentejo region. From small cafés and bakeries to intimate restaurants in the region’s most exclusive boutique hotels, there are plenty of places to eat. Évora is truly one of Portugal’s culinary delights.

If you eat before 10 pm, you’ll miss the rush. Things pick up around 10 pm as the people of Portugal tend to eat later than in northern Europe or the United States. 

4.The drink

Most of the bars are located within the historic center which makes it easy to walk from one to the next. 

The local hotel bars, such as the Pousada de Évora, Convento dos Lóios, or the Hotel M’AR de Aqueduto, offer an upscale drinking environment. And if you want to enjoy a glass of wine outdoors, the Hotel M’AR de Aqueduto boasts one of the most attractive outdoor bars in the city.

Évora features the region’s wonderful produce. As a result, the city provides an unparalleled wine experience. 

Click here for a complete list of bars in Évora.

Evora, Portugal Cork Forest

5.The cork forest

Built on the Alentejo landscape, the cork forest of Évora, Portugal is home to the country’s natural resource and the material for the world’s most sustainable yoga mat is grown.

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to go cork trekking. You will connect with nature by exploring the cork forest and learn about the heritage of cork from one of the local cork farmers.

Are you ready to join us on a life-changing journey to one of Portugal’s UNESCO World Heritage Cities? Click here for more details about Corc Yoga’s first annual retreat: The Renewal June 27 – July 3, 2021.

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