Best places in Portugal

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Best places in Portugal

Wondering which ones are the best places in Portugal? We have a list of our top 8 favorite Portuguese cities and regions for you!

Portugal may be a small country, but its soul is filled with emotions and stories! From the North to the South, from the countryside to the islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Let's start this tour! 


Some people believe the Azores are the top of the mountains from the lost civilization of Atlantis. But a more scientific explanation leads to the volcanic origin of these 9 islands, which partly explains the black sand and the color of our Azores Corc Yoga Mat. But this has a great natural advantage! Going for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean might be a little cold, but the black sand will bring you warmth.

The fields are painted of bright green, occasionally spotted with blue hydrangeas. And if this land is a paradise for thousands of cows, the ocean is home to whales, dolphins, and other species that invite us to dive into this natural world. In fact, Azores is becoming one of the world’s most sustainable destinations!

O nosso Azores Corc Yoga Mat é totalmente natural, tal como a areia preta deste magnífico lugar. É feito com 100%...

Posted by Corc Yoga on Sunday, November 22, 2020


Douro is synonymous with resilience and courage to face stone mountain obstacles to produce one of the world’s most delicate products: wine. This landscape is definitely one of the best places in Portugal as it testifies the beautiful relationship between Mother Nature and us, humans.  From understanding the water cycle to the typical boats that are used to transport the wine in the Douro River, the knowledge travels from generation to generation.

Such strength and determination of the local people can be felt in each glass of Douro and Porto wine and inspired us to create our Douro Corc Yoga Mat


The city itself is decorated in Art Noveau style and it is an expert in the art of good hospitality. Aveiro always welcomes us with its typical (and addictive!) pastry Ovos Moles, made out of sugar and water.

However, Aveiro is mainly known as the Venice of Portugal. This city is a symbol of water as a pure and rich element! The typical and colorful Moliceiros boats were used to collect a specific kind of seaweed, used to fertilize the agricultural lands. But there is more! Next to the sea line, you will be dazzled by the whiteness of salt assembled in pyramids, drying under the sun. The production of salt is not only a preserved local tradition, but the salt pans are important biosphere reserves. As you can see, here, the water flows smoothly along the city channels as your yoga practice may flow above the Aveiro Corc Yoga Mat.

Sabia que Aveiro é conhecida como a Veneza de Portugal? Explore o nosso tapete yoga que tem o nome desta cidade tão bonita:

Posted by Corc Yoga on Wednesday, 7 October 2020


This charming city composed of white houses is located inside the walls of a historical castle. But do you think people feel like they are trapped? Not at all! Being on the top of the hill gives you the opportunity to breathe and look far distance to the horizon. In fact, Marvão was a relevant military center and strategically located to keep the enemies away. 

However, nowadays the city invites everyone in, by organizing multiple festivals related to ancient customs such as sewing with the peel of chestnuts! Marvão is a place of surprises, including several ruins from the Celtic and Roman times currently being discovered. But mostly, it allows you to be inspired by the perfect balance of the boulders along the mountain for your yoga practice on Marvão Corc Yoga Mat


Brrrr, you can feel goosebumps just by stepping in Sintra, because of the cold and mysterious environment that surrounds this unique place. Sintra tells many stories and takes you to a magical world. On one hand, the power of the mountain and the exquisite weather brings you closer to natural elements and to a deeper connection with the hearth. The main castle and the several historical palaces are hidden behind forests, watercourses, fountains, and gardens filled with exotic trees brought from around the world.

But if you put your head up in the sky, above the persistent fog your imagination will travel to the fairytales and legends that each stone of each palace keeps in secret. Curious? Step into this magic with our Sintra Corc Yoga Mat


This region is known as a holiday destination but history associates this region as a passage point of many ancient civilizations. Heir of Arabic traditions, its name refers to the West of the Iberian Peninsula. One of the most unique features that you can only find in the Algarve is on the top of the roofs. The detailed drawing of the chimney used to be a symbol of richness but now resembles the importance of craftsmanship. 

However, the main symbol of the Algarve is right up in the sky, and an ancient belief used to mention that the sun was bigger in Sagres than anywhere else. Whether it is legend or not, the sun brightens in here, inviting you to practice yoga on your Algarve Corc Yoga Mat by the beach.

Um brinde com sumo de laranja fresco da região Portuguesa do Algarve! 🍊 Saiba tudo sobre este tapete e a sua história aqui:

Posted by Corc Yoga on Monday, 7 September 2020


Commonly known as the barn of Portugal, this region lives from its connection with the earth. From cereals to the best spots for stargazing, Alentejo has it all! Quite associated with the harsh living conditions dictated by the weather, the people of this region found different ways to express their feelings. 

The art of making clay figures, the manufacture of cowbells, and even the emotional songs about life in the countryside were recognized by UNESCO as World Intangible Heritage. Alentejo is also the home of cork oak trees, of our precious cork material, and of our Alentejo Cork Yoga Mat.


We have already said it all about this special place in our article Top 5 reasons to visit Évora. It is a beautiful city-museum, with its houses immersed in lime and the roads filled with puzzles of cobblestones. 

But most importantly, do you know what Évora gives you best? The opportunity to disconnect. This city is the chosen location for our retreat The Renewal. One week dedicated to culture and wellness! Amazing, right?

In case you have some extra time, you can discover more hidden gems of our host country and add more suggestions to our list of the best places in Portugal. 

A cidade de Évora aos vossos pés, literalmente. 👣 Comprar este tapete:

Posted by Corc Yoga on Monday, 24 August 2020

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