The importance of Giving Back to the community

| Von Christine Moghadam

The importance of Giving Back to the community

From the very first moment, we decided that Corc Yoga was going to be a brand that gives back to the community and to the environment as well. 

And now, we feel so blessed to share that we are indeed making a difference! But this could only have happened thanks to our partners and, of course, to you! Discover how much we have achieved together!

Giving back to the environment

The Cork Oak Tree is the perfect living example of the definition of giving back. If we give her land, sun and water, this beautiful tree does way more than just saying “thank you”. She absorbs up to 20 million tons of CO2 while regenerating her own bark, giving us this valuable organic material called cork.

Isn't this inspiring? Well, it certainly inspired us to become a better brand that gives back to the community and to the environment. 

First and after several attempts, we succeeded in creating the first 100% cork yoga mat. It’s chemical-free, recyclable, and biodegradable. Nothing goes to waste and our production process is eco-friendly

Also, our products are ethically made by small family-owned factories and farms that carefully take care of the trees. So, in return, our first order of business was to make sure we could support fair wages throughout the year.

Then we found a way to make our mission even more alive. So, for every product sold, we donate a percentage to 2 youth mental health institutions. This means that, when you choose our products, you are contributing to their mission and believe us, they do a lot. Continue reading and you’ll see how proud you can be too. 

Giving Back to the community in the USA

Thanks to your support, our mission to help the Youth Mental Health Project was able to:

🙌 Support 726 parents;

🙌 Train 9 new facilitators;

🙌 Grow to include parents from 48 states. 

Isn't this amazing? The importance of Giving Back is clear and now more than ever and we can all make a difference!

Did you know that 1 out of 5 kids in the USA, before the pandemic, struggled with a diagnosable mental health issue? This information was shared with us by Randy Silverman, the founder of the YMHP, with whom we had the opportunity to talk about their mission to support families to better understand and care for the mental health of our youth. You can listen to our conversation here). 

Giving Back to the community in Portugal

Part of the profit of our products also goes to a mental health institution in Portugal called Desafio Jovem. This is part of the international Teen Challenge organization, dedicated to the prevention, rehabilitation and social insertion of people with addiction and addictive behaviors. 

“When they donate something [companies] they help us to fulfill our mission. (...)
It makes us feel we are not alone”. 

This beautiful quote was said by Francisco Chaves, Director of this Portuguese institution and we strongly believe in his words too.

Their work is so inspiring in so many ways that we decided to also donate a percentage for each registration in The Renewal retreat. This exclusive event will happen in Évora, from 7 to 13 October 2021. 

Every day we strive to do our best as a brand that gives back to the community and we feel so thankful for having such a strong community and partners that support this mission.

In a recent interview, we mentioned that “Our goal is to have a positive impact on the environment, on our local communities, to provide jobs, and make a difference in people's mental and physical well-being.” And we will continue to do so. 

 If you are also looking for ways to do more, we have 17 suggestions on how you can make a difference. Discover more.

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