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About 6 months into my practice during savasana, a voice popped into my head and all i heard was "if this is all you ever have, this moment, being connected to presence and your breath, it's all you will ever need" It blew me away. I had never heard that voice before. I think it was my authentic self that has been tucked away for many years. Pure consciousness or whatever, I don't know but it was crazy.

The training completely changed me and I fell in love with chanting and yoga philosophy and the beautiful language of Sanskrit.

Because I lived there, my friend Tamara gave me the opportunity by hiring me right after the training. So now I was teaching donation based classes in the very room where I took my first yoga class.

This practice has transformed my life in so many ways, especially off my mat. It has taught me that kindness is an important aspect of life. To be patient with others and ourselves. We have the ability to choose our reaction.

I pride myself on having a very relatable teaching style. I was taught to keep reminding students that we are human, and to release the wanting or attachment we sometimes experience in an asana practice. To just be happy with your practice as it is.