Mit dem Ziel zu tun, unseren kleinen Teil, jedem zu helfen, durch diese Zeit der sozialen Distanzierung, Corc Yoga hat eine Partnerschaft mit dem Wellness-Tourismus-Verband für online-yoga-Klassen, die Sie tun können, aus dem Komfort von zu Hause hosted by unserer community Lehrer.

Wenn Sie möchten, bitte teilen Sie Sie mit Freunden und Familie, die vielleicht auch das Gefühl der isolation von diesen schwierigen Zeiten. Es sind die kleinen Praktiken und Gewohnheiten, die wir Arbeit in unser Leben, halten uns gesund und glücklich.

Yin Yoga

This slow and grounding Yin yoga practise is designed to stretch your front body, hips, inner thighs and gently compress your lower back to target your Stomach and Spleen Meridians. These Energy channels are related to the Earth Element according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.Surrender to the nourishing qualities of this routine and relax deeply. Keep a Blanket or Bolster close by to support yourself.

Calming Yoga

A calming yoga practice to release tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back with a meditation to release stress and connect you back to yourself.

Harp Breathwork

For thousands of years, the harp has been used for therapeutic purposes and in recent times it has become increasingly common for the harp to be used in medical establishments across the globe.

Enjoy this session with breathwork expert Tracy Jane Sullivan, her mission is to help people feel healthy, happy, healed and connected.

Vinyasa Flow

Let your breath lead your movement as you find balance through this vinyasa flow.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is perfect for beginners. Enjoy this slow paced practice designed to relieve stress and tension while allowing your body to move in a comfortable way.

Morning Flow

Begin your day happy and inspired with a good morning stretch that will help loosen your tight joints and muscles while increasing your blood flow for the day ahead.

Hatha Flow

This Hatha flow Yoga routine helps you to create space in your chest and heart area - physically and emotionally. It is suited for all levels of yoga practitioners and includes modifications.Starting with a neck release, we continue to move the spine and flow through a series of Sun Salutations including backbends and balances to open your heart and create a sense of lightness and freedom.