Wellness tips at work

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Wellness tips at work

During this year, stress levels reached high peaks and implementing wellness tips at work can help to find the right balance between our personal and professional lives 

To make sure you continue doing what you love and feeling healthy while doing so, we invite you to follow the following tips.

Before work

The alarm rings and hitting snooze can be the first step towards procrastination. But fighting it can be easier by looking at those 10 minutes as an opportunity to enjoy more time of your day. If you are a morning person, you can take extra advantage of this time before your work schedule starts to do some exercise, yoga, or even a walk around your house. 

A morning shower can help too, and a healthy breakfast will give you the right morning boost. Working from home also allows you to dress in more relaxing clothes. But whether you are attending meetings or working alone, the important part is dressing as you feel good, comfortable, professional and, above all, confident! 

Then, comes the final stage of your morning preparation: 10 minutes of meditation. It is only 10 minutes, and you can already be seated behind your desk. Sit up straight, relax your muscles, lower your gaze, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale again and follow your meditation guidelines. Feeling ready now? Let 's go to work!

During work

First things first and that is to set up your desk and chair in a comfortable and ergonomic way. Have you tried replacing your chair with a yoga ball? Or standing while having a meeting? Choose an option that is both comfortable to work but keeps your neck and back straight. 

During breaks, look outside, drink water, try to move around, or even jump for a while to energize your body! If you need a friendly reminder to do so, set an alarm with a nice ringtone. Also, try to stay away from unhealthy temptations by eating healthy snacks and by planning ahead the main meals. 

Planning and setting realistic working goals is an important task too. Some unpredictable issues may appear but having an organized routine prevents you from feeling overwhelmed with work. 

And how are your colleagues handling working remotely? As the absence of common coffee breaks may have taken away the small moments to socialize, there are other virtual ways to share your experience and some of the wellness tips at work that you are trying to implement. During these complex times, being kind and friendly towards each other and helping everyone to better adjust to the different realities can make the individual and the teamwork more productive. You can even suggest meditation or an exercise challenge with your teammates to keep the team engaged and motivated. 

As we are speaking about the working environment, how is your home office? Which objects are a must-have on your desk? Create an inspiring atmosphere around your desk, with some plants, natural light, and all the objects you need close to you.

After work

Do you know what feels great about leaving your workplace? Is to go straight to your yoga corner to make your body feel that the working day is over. Even for those that are not working remotely, the diversity of schedules and online wellness classes may help to prevent having to rush from work as some of them are even recorded and available around the clock. 

If you feel that you need a physical separation at the end of the working day, try to go for a small walk or just open a window and breathe in the fresh air. 

But most importantly, don’t forget to register the tasks you’ve finished or left to continue on the following day and unplug your working devices, as well as turn off any mobile notifications (in case your job doesn’t require constant availability). In this way, you will be able to focus on your family, friends and to feel grateful for the busy day that you just had. 

We hope these wellness tips at work may help you to balance before, during and after working hours. But if you are experiencing some difficulties in this topic, fill in this quiz that may help to prevent burnout and take some moments to review your day and your workflow.

Do you feel less motivated than usual? Are you working more hours but not being able to achieve the final results you were looking for? Have you been experiencing sleeping problems?

Then, it might be time to take a break.

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