You may be surprised to learn the process of producing cork takes decades. Cork Oaks remain untouched for up to 30 years and then harvested only every 9 years, allowing the natural process of maturing to occur. That means cork trees are never cut down to harvest cork, they are carefully shaved where the natural bark can grow back.


After Cork Oaks have matured enough, highly skilled workers remove the cork bark using large axes, and with great precision, remove only the bark. Portugal’s carefully regulated cork industry protects the integrity of the environment, while creating high-wage seasonal jobs for more than 10,000 workers annually. Once the bark is removed from the tree, the cork is referred to as planks.


The planks are then stacked in piles where they remain exposed to sun, wind and rain, allowing the cork to stabilize. They remain stacked for no more than six months. After this process is finished, the planks are sent to manufacturers for production. Together with the help of our Portuguese partners and friends we have designed beautiful products that are eco-friendly, organic and anti-microbial.