Em Shanell Corc Yoga Ambassador


Is A

Connection Coach & Yogi


Salt Lake City, UT

Favorite Yoga Pose:

Natarajasana or dancer pose –find strength in your balance!

Connect with Em

Em Shanell, Connection Coach from Salt Lake City, Utah. Dedicated to aligning body, mind, and spirit, I work with clients to live their best lives by incorporating movement of the physical body and practices to embrace, embody, and process emotions to create a strong mind and live a life you love. I live a sustainable lifestyle and give back to pachamama as much as possible. Working with companies like Corc Yoga encourages me to give back. We have one body and one planet and I'm grateful to work with a company dedicated to healing both! Healing our bodies, we create the space to heal and strengthen our mental and emotional bodies as they are all connected. Live mindfully. Live embodied, live fully!