Is a

Speaker. Advocate. Teacher.


Toronto, Ontario

Favorite Yoga Position

Child’s Pose/ Balasana. It’s not fancy but it makes me feel safe, grounded and calm. It’s my go-to when I’m feeling anxious!

Connect with Eryl

Eryl McCaffrey is a Mental Health Advocate, Speaker and Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She has faced mental health challenges like anxiety and depression since childhood, developing a mindfulness practice later in life that truly saved her. That’s why Eryl now delivers Talks and Workshops about mental health and mindfulness in schools – geared to students, teachers and parents. She also brings these tools into her yoga and meditation classes.

As a former TV News Reporter, Eryl has experience working in a stressful environment and knows how important mindfulness can be in finding relief and managing your mind. She’s also certified in Mental Health First Aid by the Mental Health Commission of Canada for supporting those in mental health crises. When she’s not teaching or working in schools, Eryl spends time writing, hiking and biking.