Corc Yoga Retreat Partner Tracy Sullivan

Tracy Sullivan

Tracy Jane Sullivan is one of the only well-being breathwork harpists in the world.
Used for thousands of years by many different cultures, religions, and traditions across the globe, breathwork is now considered the next major skillset that creatives, healers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes, Navy Seals, and Special Forces are making a part of their daily lives. Why? Quite simply, when we have control of our breathing we have control of ourselves. 
At The Renewal retreat, you will be able to learn easy but powerful breathwork techniques but you can start your wellbeing journey before June. We are delighted to offer you 4 individual sessions of 60 min online with Tracy Jane, a gift from Corc Yoga, valued at €500. These sessions can be scheduled as soon as we receive your booking confirmation. 

Please note, sessions are valid 6 months from the date you register & pay. They are subject to availability - advance bookings of sessions are highly recommended.

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