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Mentor, Trainer & Educator.


Tustin, California

Favorite Yoga Position

Deer Pose

Connect with Kelsey

Kelsey Delane is Cali native and one of Orange County’s leading teacher trainers. When she first stepped onto her mat in 2006, she found solace from year of unrelenting anxiety and depression. Now Kelsey has a robust set of tools in her wellness toolbox that support her in living as the hero of her own life. That’s why she’s bursting with enthusiasm for sharing these time-tested, practical tools with fellow students and teachers.

She's especially enthusiastic about teaching the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali through one-on-one coaching, online courses and in-person workshops. Her background in psychology, experience working with diverse populations, and her personal history inspire her to take an integrative approach to teaching. Whether she’s working with adults or the teen girls of UPLIFT Yoga Foundation, Kelsey focuses on Yoga as a practice of the mind and shows others how to apply yoga philosophy to everyday life. When she’s not teaching or practicing Yoga, you’ll find Kelsey curled up with a book alongside her husband, two daughters and sweet pup, Cooper.