Corc Yoga Ambassador Marisa Naught


Is an



Oakland, CA

Favorite Yoga Position

Pincha Mayurasana or Peacock Pose: I just love the concept of defying gravity & this pose allows you to do just that by turning inward and connecting with every inch of your body. It's a lovely blend of pushing limits in the body & mind, while also being incredibly versatile with the shapes & transitions available when suspended.

Connect with Marisa

Being an ecowarrior takes many forms. For Marisa, that includes building inspired, resilient & sustainable places & dreams in Northern California through landscape architecture & design and permaculture design. An aspiring aerialist & cyclist, she applies the clarity & focus found in yoga breathwork to guide her movements & make for steady, yet sound navigation through the urban jungle. She believes that the answers to many of today's problems can be tackled by heart-felt, creative & beautiful design solutions such as those applied by Corc Yoga. Act locally, yet think globally!