Known For

Organizer of EVOLUTION Yoga Summit and Elysia Yoga Convention

Favorite Yoga Pose

Crow Pose: It works your arm and core muscles, as well as strengthens your wrists, upper back, and legs.  It needs control challenges you to focus on lifting versus falling. You are supporting your weight on your hands sometimes you find yourself tipping head first to the floor so have a cushion handy, once you have got used to it you find it becomes addictive , it can feel like flying! Crow Pose encourages body and mind connection encourages  inner focus and concentration in the present. This pose is a symbol for justice and longevity. It strengthens the sacral chakra, also known as the second chakra.


Traveling nomad, currently based in Germany.

Connect with Mat

Mental illness survivor. Yoga saved him from depression and had the most positive impact on his life. Mat works with teachers that specifically concentrate in this area. His passion is to give something back through yoga retreats and various events. He is on a journey to encourage others to look into Yoga as an alternative from medication and other methods that are often counter productive, a lifestyle that benefits not only the body but the mind.

“I’m so proud to be an ambassador for a company that has such a wonderful ethos. I just love the idea, the look and the ethics behind Corc Yoga. Every Yogi and Yoga studio should join the Cork revolution. When I tried my new mat for the first time, I was so impressed. Not only do they look good but they feel good too, very grippy, no issues with slipping at all .