Christine, The Doer

A native Seattleite, Christine stuck to her west coast roots for college, receiving her BA in Cross-Cultural Studies from Biola University. It was during these years that she developed an intense love for travel and photography – exploring India, Pakistan and even following the Silk Road to China. Raised by entrepreneurs, she understands that building strong partnerships and giving back is just part of smart business. When she’s not wearing her entrepreneur hat, you can find Christine with her camera at the soccer field with her husband Sol and their two boys or off planning her next family adventure!

Sol, The Dreamer

After a tumultuous upbringing in the streets of Iran during the Iran/Iraq war, Sol came to the United States at 17 (with a little help from The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger). As a U.S. citizen, he focused on his education, earning a BA in Communications (with a focus in Advertising and Marketing) from California State Fullerton. In addition to being a loving husband to Christine and father to their two boys, Sol is a soccer aficionado and multi-talented artist.

Eva, The Relator

Eva is a Southern California native and received her BA in Intercultural Studies from Biola University. Shortly after graduating, she help start a successful family business and started a jewelry business of her own. Along with customer service and sales background she brings a positivity that uplifts all those she comes into contact with. She loves helping people and must be involved with a purpose driven business to have fulfillment in her life. On her downtime she loves to listen to music, dance, journal, and connect with her close friends and family, Her favorite thing to do is spending time with her son and always finding creative ways for them to enjoy life.

Kelly, PR

An accomplished passionate public relations professional and strategist, Kelly Howard splits her time between LA and New York as the CEO of EightSixtySouth, a strategic communications agency. With a strong resume of event production and creating integrated brand campaigns, Kelly is seasoned in designing one-of-a-kind experiences for lifestyle brands.

Emma, Marketing Manager

Emma Cunningham is a seasoned yogi, writer & digital marketing connoisseur. Nomadic since a young girl, Emma spent three years traveling the globe solo while practicing & studying yoga in places like India, China, & Bali. She now calls Los Angeles home.

Cookie, The Downward Dog

Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you; Cookie loves to be social and serves as an excellent leader to her sister, Poochi. When she isn’t testing our mats, Cookie can be found cuddling up a storm and living a love/hate relationship with the cat pose.