The Corc Yoga story begins where many of life’s best stories start, with adventure. Traveling through Portugal, Corc Yoga founder, Christine Moghadam, discovered the beauty of one of the nation’s most bountiful resources, the cork tree. Feeling inspired, Christine left Portugal to design & develop a one-of-a-kind product equally beneficial for people & the planet. The result? The world’s most sustainable yoga mat. Made from 100% organic cork sustainably harvested from Portugal, Corc Yoga is committed to providing the most natural products to yogis & wellness enthusiasts around the world while supporting sustainable practices, fair wages, & a clean environment. For every yoga mat sold, Corc Yoga donates a percentage of every sale to support a variety of youth mental health programs in Portugal and abroad.


COMMUNITY: We believe yoga is for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or stepping on to the mat for the very first time, our community is open to all.
SELF-CARE: Caring for & treating our mind, body & soul with respect is one of our biggest core values. We whole-heartedly believe that self-care is the key to a happy & healthy life well-lived.
SUSTAINABILITY: Corc Yoga products are sourced from Mother Nature, 100% sustainable, rubber, & chemical-free. We design our products to make an impact on your practice, not the environment.
TRAVEL: Inspired by adventure, we’ve experienced first hand the joy & magic that travel can have on our hearts & minds, allowing us to develop a deeper connection with the greater global community.