Aveiro Cork Yoga Mat
RENEW : Aveiro : Cork Yoga Mat
RENEW : Aveiro : Cork Yoga Mat
RENEW : Aveiro : Cork Yoga Mat
RENEW : Aveiro : Cork Yoga Mat
RENEW : Aveiro : Cork Yoga Mat
RENEW : Aveiro : Cork Yoga Mat

RENEW : Aveiro : Cork Yoga Mat


Made in Portugal, handmade by local artisans that have created a unique piece of artistry for your yoga practice.

Take a journey through history in the Venice of Portugal, a city of canals and breathtaking sunsets.  A hidden gem with charming buildings filled with the delightful sweet buttery smell of pastries and hospitality like no other.

Release your lower back as you extend yourself into a triangle pose, expand your mind and body as you visualize yourself overlooking the canals from one of Aveiro’s picturesque bridges.  

All natural – made with 100% cotton and cork.
Hypoallergenic – perfect for yogis with latex allergies!
Naturally antimicrobial – eliminating bacteria and odors.
Lightweight, but highly durable – ideal for yoga on the go.
Slip-resistant grip offers stability – even in the sweatiest hot yoga classes.
Dimensions: 72” x 26” | 3mm thick | 6 inches rolled
Weight: 3.6 lbs.
Recommended for ages 12+.
Foundation is a US 501(c)3 non-profit that raises awareness and funds for young women’s education around the world by using yoga as an inclusive vehicle for change. Inspired by seva, the Sanskrit word and yogic principle of selfless service, and ‘sojourn’ which captures the essence of being in a place for a time, we collaborate with local community based projects and international nonprofits. We endeavor to support sustainable educational pathways for women across the world and believe all women deserve equal access to education and that all women deserve their own space to breathe, connect and grow.
Meet Fabiola, a member of the Komera Teen Mothers program. She also participates in the Parent and Guardian Cooperative. After joining the co-op, Fabiola learned how to sew from her mother and other Co-Op members. Through the hard work and dedication, Fabiola was able to purchase her own sewing machine. This gave her an opportunity to continue to grow in her tailoring skills while supporting her and her family. Since then, her life has changed positively in ways she sometimes can’t even believe!
Developed in 2019, the On the Ground Yoga Teacher Trainings’s goal is to decentralize yoga teacher training so that it is accessible and adaptable for women all over the world to use for themselves and their communities. We envision the positive effect yoga can have on the well-being of communities, especially for women where it can intersect with leadership values, peace building and self-compassion. Our ongoing collaboration with Komera will continue to will teach and train the Komera staff and social workers will learn how to teach yoga and adapt it to their Rwinkwavu community by focusing on young mothers and primary school students. Yoga trainees will learn physical practices, whereby shapes and sequences were self-designed to encourage holistic empowerment and to cement the message that yoga is for every type of body and every type of person. Trainees learn how to guide meditations, breath work, as well as engaging in self-care workshops.
Komera develops self-confident young women through education, community development, and health. Komera believe that young women have the right to lead change in their community, to experience the joy of self-discovery and to realize their potential. “Komera” means “be strong, have courage.” Komera’s investment goes beyond each individual girl; it includes her family as well. Upon acceptance into Komera, the parents and guardians of each scholar are invited to join the Komera Parent and Guardian Cooperative, where they gain business skills, financial advice, and join a specific cooperative that strengthens their voice and spending ability. Parents are advocates for girls in our community, and are leading the way in addressing sensitive cultural norms that limit opportunities for girls. The cooperative members save money together to launch small businesses, and Komera provides training for them to become savvy business owners. The cooperative has grown to over 100 parents and 50 business ventures boasting some impressive results for the community. In the photo (left to right): Vestine, Ruth, and Scovia, graduates from the On the Ground Yoga Teacher training 2019 program.