Welcome home, Fall

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Welcome home, Fall

When it is warm and summer is out there, we tend to wear light clothes. Unlike winter, when it is almost mandatory to always bring a strong jacket with you. Of course, this depends on where you are and in this article, we will be based in the North hemisphere. Despite this location is quite vague, it is exactly where we will welcome fall, on the 22nd of September.

Knowing in which day of the week, month, or at least season we are, goes beyond choosing which clothes better match the weather. Nature changes physically and it affects us, mostly psychologically. Embracing such a transition strengthens our connection to the Earth, which benefits our health and well being in many different ways.

Day & Night

The first day of the autumnal equinox celebrates the equal length between day and night, in all parts of the planet. Such balance reminds us that resting and being active is one and the same. In order to be effective, we need to relax and sleep. Similarly, we can only enjoy good periods of rest when we feel fulfilled during the busy half of the day that is normally occupied with work and studies.

Although, in the North hemisphere, the daylight will start to decrease more and more in the following weeks. We get the impression that night time arrives earlier and it’s time to go home. It resembles the importance of saving our own energy. When sunlight loses its power, we need to make sure we have enough internal resources to get through difficulties, shadows, obstacles, and winter too.

Chilly evenings

As soon as the sun starts coming down, the wool clothes come out. Wind and rain call for a cozy sofa and a hot chocolate. It is a great opportunity to stay at home and organize your personal space. Or to practice indoor Yoga while bringing outdoor elements by using equipment made out of raw materials. The less coldish people can also go for a forest walk and be enchanted by the scent of wet soil.

However, cold and harsh weather is still not allowed. Fall is a kind season and it brings summerlike weather between October and November. Known as Indian Summer in North America, this warm period has different names across the World. In some countries, it gains the title of Saint Martin’s summer which is the perfect association with the concept of sharing. Whether it is repurposing old clothes or donating good ones that you no longer use, be sure to enjoy the flow of this season and remind yourself of what you really need and what you can give back to the people around you.

Colorful leaves

At this time of the year, we can reflect on our own true colors just by looking at the leaves. Yellow, orange, and soft shades show how light and available we can be. We should empty and create free spaces to receive drops of positive energy from everywhere and gently nourish them. It is a golden opportunity to renew ourselves! Even the beautiful but darker red and brown are related to the need to gracefully release the difficulties and heavier elements that are hanging by a small threat and are no longer useful to our present life.

As a result of such a unique color palette, nostalgia arises and some deeper thoughts come along. But as the leaves fall, we can also take better advantage of such flow. Everything that comes down, will fertilize the soil for what will grow in the future. In addition, the ingredients such as carrots and pumpkins with its roots attached to the ground enhance such connections to the earth by giving us valuable nutrients that protect our health during this season. Nothing is wasted and everything contributes to receive new things that are coming.

In short, we just need to follow nature and everything will fall into place.

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