7 Tips for Traveling in 2021

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7 Tips for Traveling in 2021

Remember the trips you planned last year? Well, grab that list because it’s time to make them happen! To make sure you are ready to go and enjoy the most of your time, we prepared 7 tips for traveling in 2021, in a safe and green way.

1. Pick up the best dates

While your excitement level is probably off the chart, prepare yourself to face a higher demand as people are eager to leave their homes and visit the destinations of their bucket list. Depending on your schedule and job itself, the possibility of working remotely can be a great advantage when choosing the dates for your holidays. 

First, it gives higher flexibility between working and traveling and allows booking outside of the busy seasons. Then, it is a great benefit as all the previous cancellations are now being rebooked, which can increase the number of tourists in the same destination and period of time. 

Even though we are all looking forward to traveling, avoiding overtourism in a time of social distancing and taking into consideration the well being of local communities should be one of the biggest priorities nowadays. 

2. Plan in advance

As health safety remains a concern, you will need to confirm the mandatory requirements for traveling. Some of them may include showing proof of a negative COVID test or even a recommended quarantine period. 

Check all those details while planning your trip and some days before departure, as safety measures are being constantly updated. Look for reliable sources such as tourism websites or other official sources of information. Also be sure to have a safe place to return to, as safety measures may apply also when coming back to your homeland. 

Even though planning these details may seem to take away some of the spontaneous magic, you can enjoy all the preparation! Watch a couple of movies that take place where you are going to, read a magazine or a book about the destination, learn a couple of words in the native language or organize a family quiz about historical and cultural facts. It is all about having fun while planning and planning the best way possible to have a lot of fun!

3. Take extra care

Even though vaccination campaigns had already begun in some countries, the protective safety measures will continue to be equally important, such as washing your hands, avoiding touching your face without clean hands, keeping physical distance, and wearing masks in public spaces. 

If you normally dismiss having travel insurance, maybe consider acquiring one as they can include free cancelations, refunds, or even help you with plans B and C in case of a lockdown. If you ever questioned choosing a flexible booking policy, now may be a great opportunity to do so. The same goes for complete health insurance, with assistance in foreign countries. 

Traveling in 2021 may seem a little overwhelming, but you can join travel communities like Wanderful, where you can find different types of advice that will help to make your travel plans easier and more exciting!

4. Choose well your destination

Just the simple idea of having a trip coming up soon may help you keep sane, but you can go even further and plan a trip to rebuild, reconnect and restore your body, mind, and soul. One of the predictions for 2021 was the rise of wellness travel, as most people started to realize the benefits of attending wellness retreats.

So, if your new year’s resolution includes taking care of yourself and having a once in a lifetime experience, joining The Renewal retreat will certainly be a great option for you. 

On the other hand, some people don’t mind the destination, they just want to travel right now. While certain destinations may still be off-limits, others had already opened the doors. When choosing your destination, keep in mind that businesses related to tourism were deeply affected during this last year, so consider visiting places that need your support.

5. Leave no trace behind

Traveling in 2021 will still include face masks and hand sanitizer. But there are some safe and sustainable options, such as certified reusable face masks and hand sanitizer that you can refill.

If using public transports was a green way to explore new places but you would prefer to avoid possible crowds, you can rent a bike to discover the hidden gems of your destination.

Travelling may not be a perfect zero waste gesture, but every effort counts! Especially as there are several ways to travel with less waste, independently of the current COVID situation. 

6. Pack your eco-friendly essentials

Being a green traveler means bringing your plastic-free toiletries and your own reusable water bottle. And carrying a reusable coffee mug on an eco-friendly backpack too.

But it is not only about packing your backpack in a sustainable light way. It is also about bringing your bag filled with handcrafted and ethically made souvenirs. 

When traveling, try to support local economies, artisans, and other small communities with small gestures such as going out for a traditional meal. And if you are really to make a difference, sign up for a volunteer initiative and bring unique memories from your experience. 

7. Enjoy every second!

Don’t forget to include a bag of patience and a couple of deep breaths when traveling in 2021 and soon, your dream trip will become real! Be careful, with you, with the others and enjoy your trip!

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