Viviana got involved in Yoga when she was 18 years old. She discovered this wonderful philosophy thanks to a pain between her shoulder blades.

Never before had she imagined that such a problem would inspire her to become a Yoga and Ayurveda teacher.

After practising for a year, she developed an interest in meditation and the Yoga group she was following helped increase her desire to visit India.

She was enchanted by the energy and spiritual approach she came across; shewent on pilgrimages, experienced panchakarma and completely felt in tune with the local people and the simple life in ashrams.

She has a Yoga certificate following four years of studies in Milan. Moreover she has had the privilege of learning from different masters, among whom Van Lysebeth, Claudio Conte, Patrick Tomatis and Dr. Vigne who taught her meditation and took her to the Himalaya Mountains to meet his master.


Ever since her childhood she has been incredibly interested and passionate about travelling and learning about new cultures.That is one of the reasons why Viviana chose to get a degree in foreign languages and later on to work for Spa hotels, among other things, in the Tourism industry.

She has lived in India, Russia and Jordan and presently based in a small but wonderful community in the Swiss Alps.



Certified Yoga Teacher and Thai Massage Therapist 



Connect with Nektaria

Nektaria has started her teaching journey of Thai Massage seven years ago, already teaching Yoga for a decade and being in paidagogists studies & practice the last twenty years.

She feels an ongoing student for life, returning to her worldwide known teachers(Ajran Pichest & Ajran Sinchai certified trainer) every year in Thailand, deepening the knowledge and feeling of ThaiMedicine, including the ThaiMassage practice and nutritional and herbal medicine education.

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